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The Angel Aircraft Platform

The Angel Aircraft Platform is intended to be an airframe platform designed to support every industry, including commercial passenger transport, freight transport, Industrial, firefighting, medical transport, law enforcement, defense, and space industries.


With use of a high power vertical lift system, the Angel Aircraft Platform is designed to fit just about anywhere with an approximate 28 meter wingspan, and an approximate 35 meters in length. The Angel Aircraft Platform is designed to be a sole vertical takeoff and landing airframe which transitions into horizontal flight while traveling. 


The Angel Aircraft Platform is to be designed in conjunction with the Angel AI, an advanced aircraft safety system. Angel AI is meant to aid the pilot and co-pilot in ensuring safe operation of the aircraft. The Angel AI will be able to detect, prevent, and mitigate any potential crash, assuring the safety of passengers and cargo. 


Prototype aircraft are expected to cost between

$100 to $120 Million

What We Need

Investors and Backers

We are in search of investors, backers, and supporters to reach our goal of $500 million to be able to produce at least three prototype aircraft.

All Investments and donation will go to recruiting designers, engineers, and the entire production of the Angel Aircraft Platform.

Our Goal For Development



Our first goal is to bring our vision to life by designing.

Our first financial goal is to reach 2 million dollars to recruit a team of talented designers and engineers to develop plans for building a unique aircraft.



Our second goal for development is to build and test a small scale and full size version of our aircraft.

An estimated goal of $200 million we would need to reach in order to build our first prototype aircraft.



Once the design and build stages are complete, there is only one thing left to do....



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