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Mountain Lake

Pioneering the future of aviation with a safer 
and more versatile platform than any 
current aircraft being built today. 


The Angels Are Coming...


Angel Fire

The Angel Fire is a intended to be a purpose built airborne firefighting apparatus capable of delivering thousands of gallons of water to almost any location in the world and can extinguish fires with superior precision and efficiency.

Angel Guardian

The Angel Guardian, a medical triage aircraft designed to assist in large casualty accidents with the upmost speed and efficiency compared to modern emergency response vehicles. Capable of transporting up to eight injured personnel at a time to the nearest healthcare facility in a matter of minutes. The guardians are always on watch.

Angel Anvil

The Angel Anvil is a defense aircraft based on the  Angel Aircraft Platform designed to be modified as a troop and cargo utility aircraft, or an attack and defense heavy or light gunship, depending on mission requirements. The Angel Anvil is expected to deliver the highest payload capacity of any rotorcraft in production today at an estimated 200,000 pound max takeoff weight. The Anvil could be the most adaptable aircraft in the US Military arsenal.

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